Sunny Zia is serving her first term on the Long Beach City College board, having been elected Trustee for Area 3 in April of 2014. She is a first-generation immigrant who grew up in a hardworking family that raised her with the guiding principles of the American dream. From a young age they instilled in her the importance of education as the pathway to success. She moved to the U.S. during the Iran-Iraq war with her family in pursuit of a better life.


She was the only female and the first to graduate from

her class of Civil Engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Tehran. She later graduated with honors and received a Master of Science from University of California, Irvine in Civil Engineering. She has nearly two decades of experience in Construction, Environmental, Water and Infrastructure projects.


Sunny is a former small business owner and consultant to the private and public sectors. She has managed a wide range of programs, balanced budgets, and recovered funding for many agencies she has represented. Sunny is the Contract Compliance Manager at the Port of Long Beach and responsible for oversight of all contracting practices estimated to be at $4 Billion over the next decade including infrastructure and facility modernization programs. She is responsible for ensuring that all contracting at the Port is fair, equitable and transparent and businesses have a competitive and fair opportunity to compete for contracts.


She has been a leader in the non-profit and philanthropic communities and has led numerous humanitarian projects locally and globally. Her community work spans from working with at-risk youth, addressing hate crimes and bullying, overcoming poverty through micro-lending, refugee/immigrant resettlement, support for job placement of veterans and other displaced Americans, conflict resolution and interfaith work.


As someone who has received scholarships and financial aid, she is living proof of the success of having access to affordable education. Her commitment is to invest in the City's future by ensuring students' success and focusing on making our students career and college ready.


Feel free to contact Sunny directly at (562) 270-5017, or at with any questions or input.


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